Weird facts about sex

Weird facts about sex

Weird facts about sex

Weird facts about sex

Sex is one of the most common activities for a person. Over time each boy learns autonomously how to have a regular sex life, schools organize sex education courses, and the Internet offers plenty of informative material, pornography, and tutorials on how to have sex safely.

However, in life, you never stop learning, and in this article, you will discover some weird facts about sex that will leave you speechless.

They are incredible curiosities, which will forever change the way you approach to sex, are you ready to know them?

Fact # 1: Orgasm and cold

It seems incredible, but sex (and orgasm, to be precise) is a powerful medicine against colds and a stuffy nose.

During sex the body burns calories and hormones are released, the adrenaline is in circulation and reaches the apex during the moment of orgasm, both for the man and for the woman.

The effect of this very high flow of adrenaline in the body is to clog the pores of the nose, easing the effects of colds.

So, if you’re cold, do not go to the pharmacy to buy some aspirin, but try to get a very intense orgasm!

Fact # 2: Betrayal

Men are more likely to cheat than women because of their predatory instinct and the desire to impregnate more women as possible to ensure you have the heirs (although much more often the cause is pure sexual drive).

However, women have an even greater instinct than men in betraying the partner or finding a man for a one-night stand, but only in the week of ovulation, where the chances of getting pregnant are very high.

The maternal instinct and the desire to fertilize the egg are the causes that push many women to have sex at that time, also leading them to consider adultery.

Fact # 3: Anal sex and condoms

Anal sex is much loved by men and is a controversial topic for women, who consider it painful or a beautiful experience, without any compromise. Usually to practice anal sex it is necessary to lubricate the woman’s anus and the penis, to allow entry into a hole that was not originally designed to be penetrated by a dick.

Wearing a condom can be a good solution, thanks to vaseline and health protection (it is possible to contract infections due to feces) and many health organizations recommend condom use, but no manufacturer has ever made a condom designed for anal sex.

Maybe you can try to design one and make good money selling anal condoms on the Internet.

Fact # 4: A sexual fantasy

Surely each of you has had love stories or one night stands that still remember with great pleasure today, or the particular sexual episodes that have impressed you.

Research has shown that 2/3 of the people interviewed (both men and women) have sexual fantasies about former partners or known people while having sex with their current partner.

Often these fantasies do not concern a possible betrayal but are perceived as a way to get more excitement and have better sex, even if they are perfectly aware that the partner would not be happy to know the real cause of the excitement.

Fact #5: Erection time

Research has shown that for a healthy male under 40, the average time to achieve a full erection is 10 seconds. In the best subjects (or men used to always having sex, like pornstars), the time is much less than 10 seconds.

The less time it takes for an erection, the higher the state of health and sexual potency.

Erection problems occur if more than 10 seconds are required for a complete erection.

Men, ready with the stopwatch?

Fact # 6: A new beauty cream

The male sperm contains not only genetic information and sperm but is very rich in vitamins and substances beneficial for the skin. A proof of this fact is the presence of these substances in lipsticks and other beauty products that treat the skin.

Sperm is very useful in treating wrinkles and making the skin better.

The next time a man proposes a facial cumshot, think of it as a completely natural beauty mask.

Fact # 7: Japanese porn

Many people love to go on the web and look for porn movies from Japan. Porn fans have certainly noticed that in most videos the penis is covered with pixels. The reason for this complaint is the strict Japanese law that regulates pornography, and which prevents showing male and male pubic hairs both male and female.

Despite this ban in Japan, you can find many kinds of pornography, with actors in the flesh, hentai productions and pornographic manga, all strictly censored.

People who do not respect this law risk many years in prison and even imported foreign films are subject to censorship.

Fact # 8: Virginity

Usually, girls lose their virginity before marriage, on average 18/20 years of age. The reasons for losing virginity at that age are many: love, desire to try new experiences, transgress, emulate friends, fear of being excluded.

Research has revealed that many of these girls would now wish they had kept their virginity for longer.

The same study also showed that people who reach adulthood without having sex (after 25 years of age), especially women, have many more sexual problems and men can develop violent sexual behavior. Some famous serial killers acted driven by sexual impulses and by the nervousness of having an unsatisfactory sex life.

Ed Kemper, a famous serial killer, had problems of a sexual nature and the only way to get excited was to have sex with the decapitated corpses of his victims.

Fact # 9: Circumcision

Jews are circumcised for religious reasons, while for other men this surgery is optional.

The porn star Rocco Siffredi has revealed that in the porn industry circumcision is required to ensure greater hygiene between the various actors.

Here are some interesting facts about sex. Did you know them? Do you have others to share?

Write it in the comments!

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